Urbana Handle Bars 

The Urbana handle bars need to have everything perfectly aligned before you are able to ride. 

  1. Handle bar plastic bushing

  2. Clamp + Wheel

  1. First of all you will need to check if your Urbana has the plastic bushing inserted, you will also need to ensure that the parts are lined up with the arrows. Be sure that the plastic bushing is lined up correctly. The way to tell is if it has ‘snapped’ into place with the hole in the tube (See picture on left). The handle bar has a groove which fits perfectly with the tube, this means the handle bar has to be inserted very specifically. See pictures: 

2. The Clamp alignment. 

It may be your instinct to put the clamp facing forward on your Urbana, however this bicycle is designed so that once folded it all collapses in an orderly fashion. Important: the clamp needs to sit off center to the left (if you were looking head on at the bicycle, see pictures). If the clamp is straight in alignment the tube will appear bent. You will need to unclamp the handle bar tube, use a 6mm allen wrench loosen the bolt and make sure the wheel is straight and the clamp is off-centered to the left and the handlebars are straight. (See pictures below)

                              CORRECT                                                                      INCORRECT