A Vilano bike comes to you factory direct and requires an overall tuning and a safety inspection to ensure it is safe to ride. This can be done at a local certified bike shop.

This bike is about 90% assembled. The assembly includes but is not limited to: the wheels need to be trued, the pedals need to be lubed and tightened by hand before being torqued down with a pedal wrench, the handlebars need to be installed and screws installed, derailleurs must be adjusted, the brakes need to adjusted, and all other installed parts need to be tightened and lubricated. All factory installed parts should be inspected and adjusted as necessary.


This bike is not hard to assemble, but it does require particular tools to complete the job at hand. Listed below are the tools needed to complete the build process. 


10mm wrench 

15mm wrench 

4-5-6 mm Allen keys 

pedal wrench 

crank wrench 

bottom bracket sockets and wrench 


Vilano Bikes also has some helpful assembly videos/instructions here: help.vilanobikes.com/support/solutions/6000132150


Be very careful with the pedals. There is a right and left pedal, and they are put on clockwise (right) and counterclockwise (left). It is very easy to strip the threads if the pedals are put on incorrectly and forced. Anything threaded is not covered under warranty by Vilano. 


*Please note: Even though the bike requires little assembly, as it is a factory direct bike we would highly advise you to take it to a local bike shop to have them true the wheels, tighten the brakes, etc. and make sure any modifications are done safely. In addition, it is a good idea to bring your bike to the shop for a tune up after a few rides, and then for annual check ups. 


Please contact us if you have any further questions.